Merino Wool

Merino has so great features that we won‘t even bother you with them all. We just chose the most important six of them.

What is Merino anyway? It’s a special breed of sheep that lives in extreme temperatures. Their wool adapts to surrounding conditions like magic. These sheep are most often reared in Australia and New Zealand.

  • It does not absorb smells. - You can go to work right from a party. There will be zero trace of cigarette smoke. Just be careful with those dark circles under your eyes.
  • It dirties less. - The outer layer of Merino fibres not only prevents the absorption of stains, but it also completely resistant to accumulation of static electricity. In other words, it doesn’t collect dust.
  • It is not scratchy. - Merino clothes are not like your grandmother's sweaters. This wool doesn’t bite, it is so soft that you can even wear it bare skin in the summer.
  • It adjusts to surrounding temperatures. - Merino sheep are a tough bunch. For example, the New Zealand ones live in the mountains where temperatures in the winter plummet to minus twenty degrees and rise to thirty-five degrees in the summer. That’s how it’s possible that their wool warms in the winter and cools you in the summer.
  • No creasing. – Do you get fascinated by people, who are still wearing perfectly ironed clothes at the end of the day? It doesn’t have to anymore. This is one of the benefits of Merino.
  • Machine-washable. - You can wear a Merino sweater for weeks without a sign of unpleasant odours but if you need to wash it, all you need to do is just put it in the washing machine. Wash at 30 °C.