Hikuri - Pink

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Psychedelics are an important source of inspiration for Indigenous peoples of Mexico. They use Peyotl cactuses, which are also part of their religion, to produce them. It changes the view of the world for the Native Mexicans and they then use various techniques to capture visions where they encounter forces of nature in the form of spirits.

The design of Philip Aura is based on psychedelics influenced art. He approaches the design from a European point of view. While the original designs tend to be colourful, Filip opt for temperance. An important part of a sweater’s design is its efficiency, which makes the motifs clearly legible only from a certain distance. The more you approach the design, the more the beings in it change into abstract patterns.

Designer: Filip Aura
Material: 100% extra fine merino wool
Wash: 30 °C, hand wash or washing machine

Delivery: 2-3 days

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Category Graphic
Warranty 2 years