About us

How it all started with Live Sweaters 

 Sometimes I'm grateful for my naivety. If I knew what was in store for me with making the first sweater, maybe I wouldn’t even try.

It all began with a visit to one of the hipster stores in San Francisco. That's where I found a somewhat of a different little sweater. More colourful, more imaginative. Just cool.

My friends praised the sweater when I came back to Prague and I was even getting some attention from the ladies. That’s when I realized I wanted more of these sweaters.


First attempts at production

But there was nothing like that in the Czech Republic. I decided to order a few custom-made sweaters (that was the naive part).

At first, I tried it in China. The result wasn’t great - difficult communication and delivery dates so far in the future that I could just walk to Shanghai to get them. Indonesia wasn’t much better. Surprisingly, there was almost no one that could produce high quality sweaters even in the Czech Republic.


Finding the right material 

I've been looking for the right material for a long time. I wanted something that lasts. It’s nice to wear and it has a nice subtle sophisticated design.

No patches, no thicker layers with motifs, no stitched pieces.

Eventually, thanks to my friend, I discovered MERINO WOOL and immediately fell in love with it.

It was soft. It didn’t collect any smells and it regulated body temperature (yeah, that Merino wool). But there was a hitch. In the Czech Republic, there were surprisingly only a few knitwear factories capable of creating more complex patterns.


It’s been a hard year and a half 

Because of alI the unfortunate China and Indonesia business I’ve waited for the first quality sweater for about eighteen months.

Making it high-quality was no easy task. Thanks to these experiences though we are knitting sweaters in the Czech Republic today and these sweater are something else. I can tell you that. Unlike sports brands, we combine the properties of the Merino wool with stylish design.


What can you expect from Live Sweaters?

  • These are sweaters that last for years and they can only be washed once every few weeks.
  • Sweaters that you will still show off to your grandchildren.
  • Sweaters that can be worn at social events and in nature.

I hope you will love our clothes just as much as I do.

Michal Richter, founder of Live Sweaters